Speed up your slow Windows PC by cleaning it

If you store way too many files on your Windows PC, it will eventually become sluggish. There may be other reasons for your computer slowing down, but if it’s caused by shrinking disk space, you can simply free it up from clutter. An easy way to do this is by using the Disk Cleanup tool, a program that scours your drives for unused or unnecessary files and removes them without harming your computer. Learn how this tool works.

How to run the Disk Cleanup tool

Disk Cleanup can easily be accessed through the Start menu or by searching Disk Cleanup. The tool selects Drive C by default, so make sure to choose the correct drive you want to clean out. Next to each file location is information about how much space it is taking up in your hard disk.

To access this tool on Windows 10, go to the Start menu, scroll to Windows Administrative Tools, then click Disk Cleanup.

Each file location has a corresponding checkbox that needs to be selected in order to delete the unnecessary files it contains. Upon clicking a file location, a description of the files it contains will appear at the bottom of the window so you will see the types of files you’ll be removing.

When Disk Cleanup is finished, you’ll need to restart your system to remove unnecessary Windows Update files. Remember, the Disk Cleanup tool only removes those Update files that are no longer needed, hence usually very few are deleted.

The benefits of Disk Cleanup

Why use Disk Cleanup when you can simply upgrade or replace your hard drive? That’s because doing so offers the following advantages:

  • Maximizes your drive’s memory – The ultimate benefits of cleaning up your disk are maximized computer storage space, increased speed, and improved functionality. These enable you to use your device at peak performance levels.
  • Makes your computer more reliable and secure – Some programs that are downloaded through the internet are often infected with viruses that can decrease your computer’s reliability. The Disk Cleanup tool can clean your computer and rid it of unwanted programs as well.
  • Saves time and increases efficiency – The traditional way of opening folders to find old files to delete may be enough for some, but not for those who prioritize productivity. Although files can be deleted manually, Disk Cleanup is simply much faster.
  • Saves money – Instead of buying and configuring a new drive, you can maximize the useful life of your current one.

The Disk Cleanup tool is as handy to launch and operate as any basic program. If you are looking to further improve the speed of your systems, contact us today to learn more about our IT services.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.