WiFi & Network Design

Customize your network to speed up connections and streamline security

Our team of experts can help you design a WiFi and network system that is customized to your business needs. We will work with you to create a network that is fast, secure, and works for your company. Nextek IT has been designing networks for years, so we know how to make sure that all of your devices are getting the best connection possible.

The Nextek, Inc WiFi & Network Design Solution includes:

  • Server Management
  • Internet Security
  • Malware Protection
  • Server Migration
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Domain Name Management


Partnering with Nextek,
Inc means you enjoy:

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Reap the benefits of a low-cost, hi-tech phone system

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Prevent prolonged downtime with bundled backup solutions

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Outsource day-to-day IT support for a flat monthly fee

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Complete projects on time and within budget

Responsive WIFI Solutions You Can Rely On

At Nextek IT, we know you need a responsive WiFi solution that works for any environment. Whether you’re an enterprise or a small business with different locations, we can provide the quality service you need to keep your users connected and your company thriving.

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Experience the Benefits of Fully Managed IT Support in Florida

Maximizing Business Productivity Through High-Quality Network Design

We’re here to help you get the best WiFi and network design solutions for your business. Whether you’re looking to improve your current network or start from scratch, we can help. Our team of trained IT professionals has worked with different companies just like yours, and we know what it takes to make sure your WiFi is running at top speed and security is top notch.

Our solutions are affordable, professional, and flexible enough to meet your needs. We’ll work with you one-on-one to create a custom plan that will satisfy all of your requirements—and then give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting exactly what you need for your business.

Whether you need to improve your current network infrastructure, design a new one, or expand to multiple systems, we can help with the following services:

  • WiFi Deployment and Installation
  • VoIP Integration
  • Encryption and Access Restrictions
  • Network Troubleshooting and 24/7 Support
  • Virtual Private Network Setup and Support


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Network Design and Support in South Florida

NexTek South Florida’s WiFi Network Design team serves all of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties, including:

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Reliable and Secure Network Design For Your Business Needs

Your business is growing, and you need a network that can keep up. We’re here to help with our expertly crafted network solutions, and we’ll work with you to design a network that meets your needs, so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technology behind it.

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Find Out How We Can Help Your Business With Network Design Solution

Nextek IT has designed and installed many networks for businesses across Florida and beyond. We know that your network is critical to your business’s success, so we make sure to take the time to get it right. Our network design services focus on maximizing productivity, security, and flexibility by ensuring that you have enough bandwidth available for the devices you have at work while also making sure that your business’s data is protected from outside threats.

Our team will work with you to determine exactly how much bandwidth your company needs and then design a network structure that meets those needs. We’ll also work with you to ensure that your network is flexible enough to accommodate growth in the future as well as any changes in technology or business strategies.

NexTek IT Provides Prompt IT to SMBs

We care for clients on a personal level, and we’re available 24/7/365

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