Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent prolonged downtime with bundled backup solutions

When you have a business, downtime is not something you can afford. That’s why we offer data backup and recovery solutions to help you prevent prolonged downtime. Our team works with you to create an effective backup solution that fits your business needs, so you can be confident in knowing that your data is safe.

Besides, you need a plan of action for recovering IT in case disaster strikes. Whether a Category 5 hurricane or a blown transformer causes company downtime, there must be solutions in place to get your team back up and running in minutes instead of months.

Nextek, Inc’s Data Backup & Recovery solutions feature:

  • Server Backup – cloud-based data centers keep your servers and software safe from localized disasters
  • Secure Storage – data at rest and in transit are protected with AES 256-bit, end-to-end encryption
  • Archiving & Versioning – every version of your files is securely stored for quick retrieval
  • Customizable backup options – you can select the backup options that best meet the specific needs of your business
  • Remote Data Accessibility – our solutions allow you to access your data from anywhere, at any time
  • 24/7 Technical Support – to ensure that you always have professional help when you need it

Partnering with Nextek,
Inc means you enjoy:

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Reap the benefits of a low-cost, hi-tech phone system

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Customize your network to speed up connections and streamline security

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Outsource day-to-day IT support for a flat monthly fee

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Complete projects on time and within budget


Maximize Your Data Availability with Our Recovery Expertise

At Nextek IT, we are committed to providing the highest quality data backup and recovery solutions to ensure your business stays up and running. Our services are designed to provide peace of mind and protection for your critical data. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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Experience the Benefits of Fully Managed IT Support in Florida

Protect Your Important Data with Our Comprehensive Backup Solutions

Data loss can be a catastrophic event for any business. Whether it’s due to a system crash, human error, or natural disaster, the loss of important data can result in significant downtime, lost productivity, and potentially even financial loss. That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable data backup and recovery solution in place.

At Nextek IT, we understand the importance of maximizing data availability and minimizing downtime. Our data recovery process is designed to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Our team of experts is trained to handle all types of data loss, including hard drive failure, virus attacks, and more. Whether you’re recovering from a small data loss or a major disaster, we have the tools and expertise to get your data back quickly and effectively.

So why wait? Protect your business and maximize your data availability with our data backup and recovery solutions. Here are some benefits to look forward to with our services:

  • Reduced Downtime and Increased Productivity
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • Improved Data Management and Organization
  • Peace of Mind with Secure Data Protection
  • Expert Technical Support Available 24/7

Risk-Free Data Backup and Recovery – No More Worries!

Losing important data can be a nightmare for any business, but with our professional services, you no longer have to worry about data loss. Our solutions are designed to provide risk-free data backup and recovery, so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

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Simplify Your Data Management with Our Backup and Recovery Services

If you’re like most businesses, your data is crucial to your success. It’s what makes your company run, and it’s what drives customers to buy from you. It’s also a major headache when it comes to managing it. That’s why we offer backup and recovery services that simplify the process of protecting your data—and make sure it stays safe.

When you choose Nextek IT’s backup and recovery services, you’re choosing a company that will comprehensively understand how your data is being stored and managed. We have extensive experience in all areas of data management—from network design solutions to cloud storage—and we can provide the expertise you need to ensure your data is safe from natural disasters, human error, or any other cause of data loss.

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